“Dakar must be a race for few people, Dakar is a dream, the dream of the Rose Lake, if everybody finish it, the dream is over”

Fabrizio Meoni (RIP)


First please read “The Goal”, and then if you would still like to have your name on the bike, please read on.

25 name spaces on the bike, also gives you your name or business logo on the clothing. Obviously, this is very good whenever someone happens to point a TV camera in our direction…. hesitation.

The easiest way, is to use PayPal now that it is up and running.

Just click;

(NB: These Paypal and Bank accounts are no longer active!)

(Inside the Netherlands)


Pete 2 Dakar



(Outside the Netherlands)

IBAN NL26 RABO 0109 2490 38


Bulthuissingel 2

9251 BW Burgum



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