“A challenge for
those who go.

A dream for those who stay behind.”

Thierry Sabine


This page will be updated by my wife whenever I can get information to her. Pete
January 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCrusty
Pete's sms 21.20 dutch time

I tried but my back was too sore. Am out of the race but healthy. Am on my way home but no details yet as am in the sweeptruck. Will let you know more as I know. Love you X
January 4, 2006 | Registered CommenterIngrid
i really hope his antenna is broken

been tracking pete the whole day :-(

January 4, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterbud
Due to a loose antenna, the tracking shown on the dakarsite isn't always correct.
I spoke to Pete yesterday and he was extreamly tired and the fastest cars have given him some dustshowers wich made the trip dangerous. He had still 3 hours of work to do on the bike, then work through his roadbook and have maybe 3 hours sleep.
You can imagine how proud I was to see that he had started the 5th stage this morning.
January 4, 2006 | Registered CommenterIngrid
We saw more footage on TV today of the terrain Pete is riding over. It is hard to image Pete riding in a straight line - he has always enjoyed riding in a fishtail motion!! We hope you are coping Ingrid, thank you for keeping us informed!!

Thinking of you both from Down Under,

Jayne, Dave, Jase and Shelley xxxx
January 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJayne and Dave in Oz
G'day Pete,
Following your progress on the Dakar site, hav'nt seen you on the TV yet though, you might have to stop for the media and lay the bike on its side every now and then, just to show the cameras the G'day sticker so we know its you.
Ride Safe Ride Hard.
January 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCrusty
Keep up the good work Pete. I am watching the limited SBS coverage in Canberra. 1/2 hour update each night.Long way to go yet, ride safe and all the best for a big finish.
January 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDave in Canberra
Pete; I've been watching the daily race coverage on TV and this clinches my suspision: You're Nuts :-) Good on you for going for it. Keeping my fingers crossed and the Dakar tracker running on the 'puter. Ride safe and finish.

January 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterHenrik
Pete Mate, do not eat the yellow or brown dirt.I am tracking constantly daily and watching on fox sport.
January 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterPilot
22.10 Dutch time Peter has sent an sms. He had a taste of the African soil, took a fall in bad dust but finished the stage.
January 2, 2006 | Registered CommenterIngrid
Pete's friends on the BMW GS forum we follow Pete closely every day.

On the following page we can see small pictures of most riders.

Just type the nr. of the rider. It's a commercial site but it gives an impression of what Pete is doin.

January 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterGrizzly
Liam, Thanks for the great pictures. It's wonderful for me to see my Pete like that.
Today I had no personal contact with Pete on the phone it has run out of power ! Keep updated via www.Dakar.com.
January 2, 2006 | Registered CommenterIngrid
The photos on BARF are really good - thanks for the info Jim!! I've been unable to get info on the Dakar site, will continue to try. Has anyone else had any luck?? In 44 degree centigrade heat on 1.1.06, we saw a snippet of footage on SBS TV (Australia) - Pete will definately be in his element with all that dirt!! In the dirt Pete is one crazy puppy!!

Have fun our friend.
January 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJayne and Dave in Oz
GO PETE! Good luck to you, now the fun starts!
January 2, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterdave gess
Pretty sure the locals have 'em, so you might want to remember the bat. ;)

Good luck Pete.

January 1, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterBlake
Ingrid,thanks for the updates.That's so cool that Pete and Liam managed to meet.Hope Liam took some good pics.I'll let you know if he posts any.
Pete,keep up the good work,what fun!!Jim Higgins.
December 31, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJim Higgins
Just spoke to Pete on the phone. He had a wonderful time on the first day, continued to promote Australia by showing the crowd his G'Day from Down Under sticker. He met Liam at the start and also would like to thank everybody for their support and nice words.
He's staying in a huge hotelroom and will probably enjoy a hot bath before going to bed early.
Finished todays stage 143rd out of 230 bikes, 18 min 58 seconds behind the first bike. If you can please have a look on www.dakar.com where you can follow the race and Pete by entering his startingnumber 119. Go to The Race Live and look under Tracking for the last details
December 31, 2005 | Registered CommenterIngrid

Thousands of your fans are watching around the world and cheering you on. You've played such a huge part in the success of every effort you have been involved with, this is our time to cheer for you!

We're with yoiu all the way. My advise....ride smart and don;t take advise from Aussies or Texans!

Go get'em pal. .
December 31, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterCourt Canfield`
Pete,there is a friend of mine from our ASBN group (Liam) is in Lisbon right now.He will be taking photos of the start.I told him to keep an eye out for you.Ride hard,be safe,FINISH!!!
December 31, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJim Higgins

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