“A challenge for
those who go.

A dream for those who stay behind.”

Thierry Sabine

My name is Peter Moltmann. An Australian bloke that’s been living in the Netherlands(Holland), for about 10 years since I married one of their nationals…..
I’ve been dreaming of “doing the Dakar” for as long as I knew it existed.
Started riding on my relatives farm when I was about six years old and I’ve never been able to really shake the motorcycling bug since. I don’t think that since 17 years of age, I’ve ever been without at least one bike in the garage.
For a while the life of a mechanic held my interest, so I worked in a motorcycle shop that sold a range of Japanese brands, alongside KTM. Hopefully that’s going to help me when I need to do maintenance on this KTM in the Dakar.
Also competed in some Enduros in Australia.
I was never a serious front runner, but I also wasn’t last. At the time the money wasn’t available to compete at a serious level, but it gave me some good lessons in riding.
I’ve also punted an R1100GS BMW through the Canning Stock Route in Australia.
That’s still my favourite holiday. It was hard work as the BMW weighs double what the other bikes on the trip weighed, but after 1700km of sandy desert, I’d got the hang of riding in dunes. Another lesson that should help in Africa.
I’ve also been fortunate to be involved with Team Elves via the BadWeatherBikers, Buell enthusiasts site. This led to me obtaining my licence to ride above 280km/h (175mph) at Bonneville when I was lucky enough to be able to pilot the race bike from NRHS. Many thanks Aaron Wilson, for trusting me on your seriously quick Buell. Just for your info, that bike at it’s last outing took a world record for it’s class at 343.101 km/h (213.193 mph).
My son starts school this year, and my daughter’s not far behind. They’re going to be expensive, so there’s probably only a couple of years left in my life when it’s even remotely possible.
Gotta try.
If you have ever wanted to be involved in a race attempt, and you’d like to help this one by putting your name on the bike, believe me, you will have my eternal gratitude!
Thank you.

*Since this was written, obviously I’ve been and attempted the Dakar (did you read the story?), but also did the Alto Turia in Spain with Henno, a Dutch bloke that I met doing the Dakar.
That was a really good experience for my navigation, as the riding is a lot more technical, and navigation is harder to use there, than in the Dakar. I’ve learned what my weak points in navigation were in Africa, and how to read the roadbook much easier and smarter next time.

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